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MLP S.I.A.-Rainbow Dash by jessi-dragon-rider MLP S.I.A.-Rainbow Dash by jessi-dragon-rider
I wanted to draw with colour pencils again and decided to figure out an idea
which popped up into my mind after rewatching Resident Evil ... again : A zombie-apokalypse in My Little Pony.
I know, I`m not the first one with that idea but, in my opinion, there can`t be enough zombie-drawings related to MLP.

So, to start, "S.I.A." means "Surviving is all".
I drawed Zombie World Rainbow Dash first `cause I've never drawn her ever before, just sketched her.

Uhm, ... yes, now a few notes `bout her design and what happened to her after first undeads arrived.
I alwas mentioned Dashie as extremely wolfish and unafraid, what is a reason for the many scars and wounds she got during trying to survive. The worsest one is the scar up on her face. She lost a part of her ear and her left eyesight, which doesn`t make her any problems.
She lost the biggest part of  her left Cutie-Mark by a battle with some Timber Wolfs after leaving Ponyville to escape the infected ones. 
Since that day she forms a team together with Apple Jack.
While AJ is following her at the ground, Dashie is flying.
It`s more save for her, 'cause the infected pegasi aren`t able to fly anymore. 
Anyway, there are some trails she has to walk, for what she is wearing those shoes. Not 'cause she's the opinion they fit her, but 'cause a broken leg would meen death in the world she lives now, even for a pegasus.

Yes, that`s all I have to say now. 

Here ya can find my other MLP: Surviving Is All versions
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sunset-haste Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome style, vibrant colours!
jessi-dragon-rider Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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March 29, 2014
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